12 February 2014


Photos by Marie Heang
COLOURS Every day has been so tiring and I've literally been sleeping at 4am in the morning then waking up at 7am... I really need to get my sleeping pattern fixed! I have a nap during the day for about 3 hours, then I can't get back to sleep when it's already 2am -.- hard life right? -cough cough- 

So this was actually our (Marie and I) first shoot of the day and it was really hard trying to find the best/good lighting to get the most suitable atmosphere for the pictures, but I think they came out pretty good and satisfying! It was also my first time wearing my jacket from Sheike and I love it soooooo much. It'd been in my closet for ages but it finally got its turn to be worn out.. ah.. I think I love it a bit too much.. It's so chic and cool! I styled the jacket with my lovely Sheike top and Tempt skort (more about them on my most previous post) with my trusty Wildfire strap black heels! 

8 February 2014


Photos by Marie Heang
WARMTH AND SHADE You guys are probably wondering.. wow she's wearing a really revealing top.. I know, it's quite revealing in a way and it's so challenging to try and wear it appropriately! I was really hesitant on buying this top from Sheike but at the same time I wanted to try out a new style. I just love the details of the garment and on how it's so simple and clean and the fact that you can tie a knot at the back, it's really really light too. Lucky I wore this on a super hot day! 

So my friend, Marie, who is an aspiring photographer decided to take a day to get some good shots taken in the City. After a few impressive photos we of course, grabbed some food and ... got really really lazy (well I did) and decided to take one last outfit shot when we actually had around 5 more to go.. my my. This is what food does to you. Make you feel sleepy and lazy! Oh right! I must tell you guys that we were pretty much running around places.. not literally but..okay, so we would find a good location to take some photos, but then there would always be a disturbance.. we were working outside a dim sum restaurant but of course the staff (3+) would continuously come by and ask us if we wanted anything and so on.. so we would say "oh yeah we're just waiting for someone".. "we're just chilling here" then quickly run away after they leave.. ah. So I hope you like these photos! Another huge thanks to Marie and her awesome photography skills!

6 January 2014


Photos by Yajin Hah
2014 So there's a saying where people go "New Year, New Me". I don't know why, but I also like to start in that direction. If you've read my previous posts, I talked about how I was planning to dye my hair 'brunette' or what not.. Let me tell you a short story about this topic..-sigh- so the other day before work, I finally decided to get my hair done with the color 'golden dark brown' in mind. Of course I discussed it with the hairdresser before getting into action. As you guys may have known, I had the worst regrowth where half of my hair was light brown (bleached) and the other half was like a million shades darker (natural hair).. so I had to go through the damage, again. I got my entire hair bleached and it hurt so much that I wanted to cry.. it actually felt like all of my hair was going to fall off... but that was just the beginning. I had to get my hair dyed twice after the bleaching because the color didn't come out as I wanted it on the first go (it was too light; close to dirty blonde), so I had to dye it again.. oh gosh, the pain we go through for only a temporary change.. However, in the end, the color was 'ok', it wasn't the exact color I wanted. At the moment it's a ashy brown with the roots being mega light.. to be simple in detail.. Enough of my 'short' hair story.. I think I can go on forever.. 

I am so in love with this outfit! It's so green and white... ahem, it's very... hmm... clean? For this outfit I paired my white shirt and green shorts, both from Valleygirl with my fave platforms from Payless. I love how it goes white, green then white... then it's green in the background..hehe. It was also, so..so hot while taking these photos, but today was the only spare time I had to actually do a shoot (since I have work pretty much everyday..). Thanks to my sister for taking these shots on this blimey hot summer day... <3

Well, time flies by super fast.. I can still remember when everyone thought something bad was going to happen in 2012, when we were in 2011... everything is going by too fast, and it feels like I don't have enough time to do everything that I've been wanting to do.. Maybe I can.. -sigh- Hopefully this year, 2014 will bring more joy to everyone in this world and be able to create and treasure more memories, good or bad, with their family and friends, and even with strangers... a belated Happy New Year!